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e-auction 271  -  29.05.2020 09:00
Greeks, "Imperials", Romans, lots, modern times (1178 lots in total) Important collection of "Greek Imperials" from private collections in southern Germany (Coll. E.L.): 900 coins, some from rarely used cities, some previously unpublished, mostly with beautiful patina, at attractive estimates!

Lot 8
Incert. AE Sextans, L 30mm (26.64g). 225 - 213 v. Chr. Mzst. unsicher. Vs.: Keule. Rs.: Zwei Punkte. Haeberlin Taf. 81,36 ff.; Thurlow-Vecchi 172; SNG München 50 ff.

EX NAC 54, 2010, 669; ex Gorny & Mosch Auktion 204, 2012, Los 1029.

Grüne Patina, ss; GRIECHEN; UMBRIEN; Incert.
Grüne Patina, ss; GREEKS; UMBRIA; Incert.
Condition:  Grüne Patina, ss
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