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DateAuctionAuction nameInformation
16.12.2020 10:00Auction 275
Ancient Art, Africa, Asiatica, Precolumbian Art
20.11.2020 10:00e-auction 274
Coins, medals and lots from antiquity to modern times Among them imperial city coins from South German private collection E.L.
19.11.2020 10:00Auction 273
Coins of Antiquity and Modern Times: Greek and Roman coins from various collections, special collection Kingdom of Bosporus from German private ownership (Part II), coins and medals from the Middle Ages to modern times, special collection Brandenburg-Prussia Mint Minden
22.07.2020 10:00Auction 272
Ancient Art, Africa, Asiatica (among others from the Dr. Wiedner collection)
29.05.2020 09:00e-auction 271
Greeks, "Imperials", Romans, lots, modern times (1178 lots in total) Important collection of "Greek Imperials" from private collections in southern Germany (Coll. E.L.): 900 coins, some from rarely used cities, some previously unpublished, mostly with beautiful patina, at attractive estimates!
13.03.2020 10:00e-auction 270 Modern times
Coins from middle age to modern times
12.03.2020 10:00e-auction 270 Ancient times
Ancient coins and lots: Other coins from the Dr. G.W. Collection, Roman provincial coins from private E.L. Collection E.L. southern Germany, Roman coins from the H.I. Collection
09.03.2020 10:00Auction 269
Coins from Antiquity to Modern Times: Important Coll. of Greek Coins (Dr. G.W.), "Greek Imperials" of Coll. E.L. Part II, Coins of the Roman Empire of Coll. H.I. Part II, Munich Collection of Lycian Coins, Special Collection Kingdom of Bosporus from German private ownership, selected coins and medals from the Middle Ages to modern times
12.12.2019 10:00Auction 268
Ancient Art
18.10.2019 10:00e-auction 267
Coins, medals and lots from middle age to modern times
17.10.2019 10:00e-auction 267
Ancient Coins and Lots: Greek coins of a South German private collection, Judiaca of the Shlomo Moussaieff Collection, Collection of sesterces and parts of them
16.10.2019 10:00Auction 266
Selected coins and medals from middle age to modern times
14.10.2019 10:00Auction 265
Ancient Coins: Extensive collection of Greek coins from southern German private collections, Greek coins and coins of the Roman Republic from the collection H.I., Very interesting rarities on Jewish and philistic numismatics from the collection Shlomo Moussaieff, Part 1 of the collection E.L. of "Greek Imperials", Old collection of sesterces and parts of them
27.06.2019 10:00Auction 264
Ancient Art
08.03.2019 10:00e-auction 263
Coins from middle age to modern times
07.03.2019 10:00e-auction 263
Ancient Coins and Lots
05.03.2019 13:00Auction 262
Coins from middle age to modern times
04.03.2019 10:00Auction 261
Ancient Coins
18.12.2018 10:00Auction 260
Ancient Art
21.10.2018 10:00e-auction 259
e-auction 259 Coins and medals from middle age to modern times (Lots 4187-4859)
20.10.2018 14:00e-auction 259
e-auction 259 Ancient coins and lots (Lots 3001-4186)
16.10.2018 14:00Auction 258
Selected coins from middle age to modern times
15.10.2018 10:00Auction 257
Ancient Coins
26.06.2018 10:00Auction 256
Ancient Art
11.03.2018 10:00e-auction 255
Coins and medals from middle age to modern times
10.03.2018 14:00e-auction 255
Ancient Coins and Lots
06.03.2018 13:00Auction 254
500 selected coins and medals from middle age to modern times, i.a. the collection 'eines Ästheten' (part 2)
05.03.2018 10:00Auction 253
Ancient Coins
13.12.2017 10:00Auction 252
Ancient Art: An important collection of Greek vases and parts of the collection S. Moussaieff
15.10.2017 10:00e-auction 251
Ancient Coins and Lots with Coll. Dr. G. Schuhmann and parts of the Coll. of a Munich doctor, Medieval and Modern Coins and Medals
12.10.2017 10:00Auktion 250
Medieval, Altdeutschland, German Empire, BRD, Habsburg, Foreign Countries
11.10.2017 10:00Auction 249
Ancient Coins
30.06.2017 10:00Auction 248
Ancient Art
10.03.2017 16:00e-auction 247
Collection Laurent Bricault "Isis and Sarapis in ancient coinage"
08.03.2017 10:00Auction 246
Medieval and Modern Times, Ausbeuteprägungen, Coll. Venetian Zecchini, Coll. Russia, Coll. Hungarian gold guilders, ducats
07.03.2017 10:00Auction 245
Ancient Coins and Lots
06.03.2017 10:00Auction 244
High-quality Ancient Coins
14.12.2016 10:00Auction 243
Ancient Art
13.10.2016 10:00Auction 242
Medieval and Modern Times, Coll. Bavaria, Coll. Stolberg, Coll. Salzburg, Coll. Russia
10.10.2016 17:00Auction 241
Ancient Coins and Lots
10.10.2016 10:00Auction 240
High-quality Ancient Coins
16.06.2016 11:00Auction 239
Auction 239 Ancient Art
09.03.2016 10:00Auction 238
Auction 238 "Medieval, Modern Times, Medals, Coll. Kolb, Augsburg, Coll. Islam"
07.03.2016 16:30Auction 237
Auction 237 Ancient Coins and Lots
07.03.2016 10:00Auction 236
Auction 236 High-quality Ancient Coins
16.12.2015 10:30Auction 235
Auction 235 Ancient Art
08.10.2015 10:00Auction 234
Auction 234 Medieval, Modern Times, Coll. German Thaler, Coll. Islam, Coll. Russia
06.10.2015 10:00Auction 233
Auction 233 Ancient Coins and Lots
05.10.2015 10:00Auction 232
Auction Sale 232 High-quality Ancient Coins
17.06.2015 11:00Auction 231
Ancient Art
12.03.2015 10:00Auktion 230
Medieval, Modern Times and Russia
10.03.2015 10:00Auction 229
Ancient Coins and Lots
08.03.2015 11:00Auction 228
High-quality Ancient Coins


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