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e-auction 278  -  21.04.2021 10:00
Coins, medals and lots from antiquity to modern times: Among them imperial city coins from South German private collection E.L., collection Peter Weiß

Lot 3029
PANORMUS. AE Hemilitron ø 23mm (11.75g). ca. 450 - 380 v. Chr. Vs.: Stehender Hahn n. r. Rs.: Sechs Punkte. SNG ANS 552; SNG Cop. 516; CNS I S.269. 1.
;;;Grünbraune Patina, s-ss; GRIECHEN; SIZILIEN; PANORMUS
Grünbraune Patina, s-ss; GREEKS; SICILY; PANORMUS
Condition:  Grünbraune Patina, s-ss
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