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e-auction 286  -  29.03.2022 10:00
Coins, medals and lots from antiquity to modern times: Collection of Celtic coins from Central Europe, Various Greek coins, Collection of Roman coins from Rhenish private ownership, Lots with colonial AE from the collection E.L. German coins and medals, especially from 1871, Europe and overseas

Lot 4006
PROVINCIA. Volcae Arecomici. Drachme ø 13mm (3.03g). ca. 200 - 118 v. Chr. Vs.: "Negroider" Kopf n. l. Rs.: Kreuz, in den Zwickeln Dreipunktstab und andere Symbole. Depeyrot NC II, 250.
Attraktive Tönung, ss; KELTEN; GALLIEN; PROVINCIA.
Attraktive Tönung, ss; CELTS; GALLIEN; PROVINCIA.
Condition:  Attraktive Tönung, ss
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