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Auktion 290  -  11.10.2022 14:00
Selected coins from middle age to modern times: Collection of Bracteates of the Lake Constance Area, Yield and River Gold Coins of the Collection Dr. Fritz Spruth, German Gold Coins from Old Collection, Special Collection Brandenburg-Prussia, Collection Bavaria from Old Ownership, Habsburg, Europe, Islamic Coins (Collection Hinrichs, Part I), Special Part Gold Coins

Lot 1645
10 Pfennig 1920, Danzig. Große Wertzahl 10 / Wappen. J. D1a. 1.83 g. R!
Zinkpatina, fast vorzüglich; DEUTSCHLAND AB 1871; DANZIG; diverse
Zinkpatina, fast vorzüglich; GERMANY AFTER 1871; DANZIG; misc
Condition:  Zinkpatina, fast vorzüglich
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