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e-auction 291  -  08.11.2022 10:00
Coins, medals and lots from antiquity to modern times, from 10 a.m.: Various Celtic, Greek and Roman coins, Achaemenids, Parthians and Sassanids from the Gert Cleff collection, lots with colonial AE's from the E.L. collection, German and European coins, Bavaria and overseas.

Lot 3029
AKRAGAS. Didrachme ø 20mm (7.24g). ca. 488/5 - 480/78 v. Chr. Vs.: AKPA, Adler mit geschlossenen Schwingen n. l. stehend. Rs.: Krebs im runden Incusum. SNG ANS 941; Westermark, Akragas 169 (O 69 / R 115); HGC 2, 93; Dewing 552.
Intensiv getönt, s-ss; GRIECHEN; SIZILIEN; AKRAGAS
Intensiv getönt, s-ss; GREEKS; SICILY; AKRAGAS
Condition:  Intensiv getönt, s-ss
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