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Auction 294  -  08.03.2023 10:00
Selected coins from middle age to modern times: Exploitation and Mining Coins of the Collection Dr. Fritz Spruth (Hessian areas and others), German Bracteates and Middle Ages Europe, Germany until 1871, especially Collection Dr. R.K. (Special Collection Bavaria), Germany from 1871, Austria-Hungary, Europe and Overseas, Islamic Coins of the Hinrichs Collection, Part II

Lot 1668
al-Muqtadir billah, 295-320 a.H. (908-932 AD). Dirham Arrajan 312 a.H. (924/925 AD); al-Kufa 317 a.H. (929/930AD); Madinat as-Salam 310 a.H. (922/923 AD); Shiraz 313 a.H. (925/926 AD) und 317 a.H. (929/930 AD); Surra man Ra'a 301 a.H. (913/914 AD); Wasit 298 a.H. (910/911 AD). Album 246.2. 7 Stücke. Überdurchschnittliche Erhaltung!

Ex Sammlung Hinrichs, Bremen.

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