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Auction 269  -  09.03.2020 10:00
Coins from Antiquity to Modern Times: Important Coll. of Greek Coins (Dr. G.W.), "Greek Imperials" of Coll. E.L. Part II, Coins of the Roman Empire of Coll. H.I. Part II, Munich Collection of Lycian Coins, Special Collection Kingdom of Bosporus from German private ownership, selected coins and medals from the Middle Ages to modern times

Lot 131
NAXOS. Litra (0.85g). 530 - 510 v. Chr. Vs.: Kopf des bärtigen Dionysos mit Efeukranz n. l. Rs.: NAXION, Weintraube. Cahn, Naxos S. 106 und Taf. I,17 (V 10/R 16); HGC 967.

Ex Sammlung Dr. G.W.; ex Lanz München Auktion 97, 2000, Los 100.

Dunkle Tönung, ss; GREEKS; SICILY; NAXOS
Condition:  Dunkle Tönung, ss
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