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Auction 289  -  10.10.2022 14:00
Ancient Coins: Important coins of the Celts from Southern Germany and the Danube region, Greek coins from various old collections, collection Gert Cleff - The coinage of the ancient Orient, large collection of Roman coins from German private collections

Lot 191
BUNDESPRÄGUNG. Obol ø 10mm (0.95g). 478 - 460 v. Chr. Vs.: Φ-Ο, frontaler Stierkopf. Rs.: Eberprotome n. l. in Quadratum incusum. HGC 4, 1068; BCD Lokris - Phokis 229 ff.; Williams 134 f. R!
Vs. Stempelfehler, gutes ss; GRIECHEN; PHOKIS; BUNDESPRÄGUNG
Vs. Stempelfehler, gutes ss; GREEKS; PHOKIS; BUNDESPRÄGUNG
Condition:  Vs. Stempelfehler, gutes ss
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