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Auction 289  -  10.10.2022 14:00
Ancient Coins: Important coins of the Celts from Southern Germany and the Danube region, Greek coins from various old collections, collection Gert Cleff - The coinage of the ancient Orient, large collection of Roman coins from German private collections

Lot 241
PERGAMON. Gongylos, um 420 v. Chr. Diobol ø 11mm (1.48g). Vs.: Kopf des Apollon mit Lorbeerkranz n. r. Rs.: ΠΕΡΓΑ, Kopf des Dynasten mit Tiara n. r. im Quadratum incusum, darüber hängende Mondsichel. Winzer 7; SNG Aul. 137; SNG France 1547.

Ex Sammlung Gert Cleff, Wuppertal; ex Helios Numismatik, München Auktion 2, 2008, Los 142.

The identification of the portrait on the reverse of this issue has been the subject of debate. Most recently, Winzer assigned this issue to a certain Eurysthenes, but his attribution necessitates a downdating of the issue to circa 400 BC, which is unlikely, and also is based on a misinterpretation of Xenophon, Hellenica 3.1.6 (see Mørkholm, Pergamene, p. 182, note 1). The traditional dating of mid 5th century BC is probably correct, and the ruler of Pergamon during this time is uncertain. After the defeat of the Persians in the early fifth century, Gongylos of Eretria, who had served as an intermediary between the Spartans and Xerxes, was compelled to flee to Asia Minor, where he was granted the territory of Pergamon as a reward from the Great King. His descendants ruled over the city until at least 400 BC, so it is likely that the satrap depicted here is one of the Gongylid rulers.
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